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    Hello and welcome!

    My name is Troy Mastern, and I've recently started a computer repair, upgrade, networking, and general technological help company in southwestern Ohio. After many years of being the on call tech support guy for friends and family (and friends of friends, and friends of families of friends!), I've decided to start  this business.

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    Troy Mastern


    Goodbye iphone, Hello Windows Phone

    So I've been on the iphone since version 1, but didn't upgrade to the 4th model when it became available this past summer. One of the main reasons was that I was intrigued by android and the wide open freedom it seems to represent in contrast to the closed (and somewhat snooty/stuffy) Apple ecosystem. In the meantime, however, I started reading about Windows Phone, Microsoft's latest stab at getting back in the smartphone race. On November 8th (launch day), I went to look at the Samsung Focus, and ended up getting it. After 4 days, I think I'm sold. While the operating system is missing some features in comparison to Apple and android, and the app market is about 1/100 the size (currently), the UI is miles, MILES, ahead of the other two. It feels modern when set against the pages of icons on the other systems. I think if Microsoft can add some things (cut & paste, multitasking, some minor functionality to calenders) via quick and regular updates, this operating system could surprise some people.....